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Honest with each other

"Learning, progress, innovation" is the motto of everyone in Yanshuoda technology Co., Ltd. As a member of the company, every person is constantly learning and making progress, so as to improve themselves and make the company stronger and stronger. Yanshuoda attaches great importance to the integrity of individuals and the collective, all of stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers and us always adhere to a common belief: always treat each other with honesty, fairness, mutual respect. We are committed to creating long-term value for all stakeholders, exceeding customer expectations, and casting the company as an ideal place to work. No matter the perfect product or the considerate service, we strive to offer best to our customers, so that they can enjoy the perfect quality of the products from Yanshuoda.


Cultural spirit of the enterprise

To be an company favored by employees, satisfied by consumers and profitable to customers, create value for consumers, contribute to the society and economic development are the deep-rooted and enduring corporate cultural spirit of Yanshuoda.


Enterprise tenet

Grow together, share success

To create opportunities for employees,we are growing together with employees to realize their pursuit of career, self-affirmation and transcendence.

To create value for customers,We are growing together with customers, share the joy of asset appreciation with customers.

To create resources for partners,we are growing together with our partners, sharing resources and complementing advantages of each other.

To create benefits for the society,we are growing up together with the society, promote national economic development, rejuvenate national scientific and technological progress.



  • Enterprise spirit

    Innovative, pragmatic, dedicated and efficient are the spirit of the enterprise.

    Innovation is the soul of the company and the motive force of continuous development.

    Communication honest, take practical actions, do practical work and be practical.

    Respect their own profession, to pious mind to treat the profession, as their own vocation.

    Do it as soon as you think of it, do it immediately, absorb it quickly, change it quickly and take action quickly.

  • Management policy

    Market-oriented, product and sales as the leader, brand and service as the support, based on technology research and development.

    Person-centered,employee is the owner of the company, the job is to grow up with the companies and individuals together, work better also reflect their own value as well.Results oriented, From moral character, ability and performance to comprehensive evaluate staff , pay attention to the institutionalization, streamline, standardization construction, takes the resource integration, including the technical resources, market resources, talent resources, efficiency principle,principle of satisfaction.

  • Company rules

    Treat people honestly and mutual respect; Pay attention to public ethics, abide by the law; Communicate effectively and understand cooperation.

    Proactive cooperation, team spirit; Solve problems, dare to make decisions; Keep innovating and taking responsibility.

    Rigorous and realistic, professional spirit; Self-management, work ethic; Customer first, quality first.

    Improve performance and save costs; Have the courage to forge ahead and develop yourself!

  • Talent concept

    The person who promote development of company, creates benefits for the company, and takes the company as his or her own business.

    Talent is our most valuable asset, talents promote the development of the company, company offer wider space and better conditions for development of employees.

    On the premise of the company's common goals and overall image, the company advocates the employees display their own individuality.

    The pursuit of interesting work, like-minded colleagues, a healthy body, opening mind, optimistic spirit.