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Why LED waterproof power is favored
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Why LED waterproof power is favored

Time:2021-01-22  /  Read:485

LED waterproof power supply changes can be divided into two major categories of linear transformation and switch-type conversion, which is also the most mainstream two power conversion methods. For the linear transformation technique, although the technique is simple and convenient to implement, the conversion efficiency is low and the volume is large. With the development of the conversion technology, the advantages of high efficiency and small volume of the switch-type conversion are gradually manifested and become more and more popular. The main conversion mode of the two power sources directly determines the maximum performance of the product. 


 Led waterproof power supply  


Do a good job in LED waterproof power supply, which involves several parts of the product, whether it is the application of high-power or low-power LED lighting, generally by the power supply, LED drive circuit, LED and substrate parts The composition, wherein the LED drive circuit is a key part, it must have a constant current output to ensure that the light emitted by the LED is not flickering, and there is no LED color shift phenomenon.  


If the LED waterproof power supply is used, the illumination of the LED luminaire will become better, and the product can help the luminaire to complete the entire lighting process better. In fact, different luminaires need different power sources to be adapted. The efficiency problem of waterproof power supply is very worthy of attention. Although the LED waterproof power supply itself has many advantages, it is like the ability of durable anti-corrosion and waterproof, so that the product can be used well in the outdoor, so why do you need high efficiency of LED waterproof power supply?   


The high efficiency of LED waterproof power supply is the overall energy saving requirement of LED lighting system, which is the basis and guarantee for low temperature rise, long life and high reliability. Can support multiple display modes. With nonlinear correction technology, the image is clearer and the layering is stronger. The effect is outstanding. There is also a strong applicability, whether it is a stable indoor environment or a harsh outdoor environment.


At present, the foremost popular waterproof power supply within the market by users has three series, A /B series,D series,F series, respectively.