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Yanshuoda invite you to visit Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition in August 2021 (Light Asia Exhibition).
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Yanshuoda invite you to visit Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition in August 2021 (Light Asia Exhibition).

Time:2021-05-07  /  Read:916


On August 3, 2021, the lighting industry will welcome the annual Light Asia Exhibition.More than 2,000 lighting and LED related companies gathered at the Canton Fair Pavilion to showcase innovative lighting products and new LED technologies to the industry.


In addition, this year's Light Asia Expo has attracted a number of overseas exhibitors,including Korea, Japan, the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other exhibitors, to showcase their competitive LED technology and lighting manufacturers.


Lighting from the initial lighting, to decoration, and then to the subsequent additional functions, to today's on-demand lighting, the technological innovation of the industry, the development of LED provides new opportunities for our industry.


As a veteran in the field of LED drive power, Shenzhen YSD will present a wonderful LED drive power show to customers and exhibitors from all over the world in this light Asia exhibition.


Products - Specialty

At the exhibition site, Yanshuoda will launch A/B series waterproof LED power supply, D series ultra-thin waterproof LED power supply,F series strip waterproof LED power supply, C series switch LED power supply, E series semi filling glue switch LED power supply, G series strip LED power supply, GF series high PF 5-in-1 dimmable waterproof LED power supply, GP series high PF 5-in-1 dimmable switch LED power supply, BF series dimmable waterproof LED power supply, CP series dimmable switch LED power supply and other series of products are all presented.


Service - Concentration

Exhibition, Our marketing and engineering staff will give you a comprehensive introduction of LED power supply products, to provide one-stop lighting and circuit design, engineering installation solutions, such as patience to answer every question, listen carefully and record your every need and suggestion, in order to make timely adjustment and response, and feedback in the subsequent product research and development, project implementation and after-sales service.


R & D - Focus

YSD has been taking root in the LED drive power industry for 13 years, 13 years of focus on technology research and development, to build the core competitiveness, to provide high reliability, intelligence, constant voltage LED drive power, and widely used in road lighting, tunnel lighting, landscape lighting and intelligent IT equipment and other fields.

Every exhibition is a door, a window, to get through the communication channel between enterprises, industry and customers.


Safety, green and energy saving are the sustainable development strategy of YSD. We make great efforts to create driving power products with core values, and lay the foundation stone for the sustainable development of the enterprise. We aim to achieve practical benefits, continuous improvement and common growth.