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60W ultra-thin dimming power supply was unveiled
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60W ultra-thin dimming power supply was unveiled

Time:2021-05-10  /  Read:783

Triac and 0-10V in the dimming have their own advantages, Triac dimming has the advantages of high precision adjustment, high efficiency, easy remote control, etc.The advantages of 0-10V dimming are strong compatibility, good linearity and other advantages of dimming.

YSD-60WUGP-12TL is a constant voltage indoor dimming power supply, delicate appearance, built-in active PFC power factor correction circuit, PFC greater than 0.95, accurate dimming, from 1% depth dimming, the whole process without strobe, more comfortable for human eyes.


Hazards to eyes of strobe:

Stroboscope is a flicker phenomenon. For lighting products, The national standard for this indicator is:the stroboscopic volatility index should be reduced within the range of 8%,the standard of the strobe appears to the naked eye is basically not aware of.Working and learning under stroboscopic lighting products will cause eye fatigue, dryness and tears, which will affect people's visual health.


YSD-60WUGP-12TL adopts wide voltage design (100-277VAC), compatible with dimmers and lighting systems of major brands in Europe, Australia and America, widely used in LED strip, LED strip and other LED luminance adjustment.



Multiple protection function, more secure in use

Over-temperature protection, turn off the output voltage, reenergize and restore

Overload protection: no-load voltage ≥13V, turn off the output, turn on the power to restore after abnormal elimination

Overload protection: the load current ≥110%, turn off the output, can be automatically restored

Short circuit protection type fault clearance and recovery



High frequency immunity assessment level, the whole process without strobe

Five-in-one dimming: SCR /0-10V/1-10V/10V PWM/ Resistor Dim

Full dimming without strobe, high frequency exemption assessment level: IEEE 1789

Dimming range: 0-100%, LED from 1% dimming

Soft start gradually brighten, more comfortable visual



Through the quality certification, safety is guaranteed

Our products have passed RoHS certification, CE certification and BIS certification

Quality assured, use at ease



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