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How to dimmer an LED with an adjustable resistor
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How to dimmer an LED with an adjustable resistor

Time:2021-05-20  /  Read:1018

What is adjustable resistance?

An adjustable resistor is a resistor with two terminals whose resistance is achieved by moving a knob or slider, while a continuously variable dimmer is a variable resistor whose function is to change the intensity of light.

The resistance dimmer was the first commercially successful dimmer.Developed in the late 1800s, resistance dimmers are portable, efficient, and very rugged, and because they work well on both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC), resistance dimmers survived for decades.


What is the principle of tunable resistance dimming?

The brightness of the LED lamp is changed by adjusting the current in the LED lamp. The change of current is achieved by changing the resistance 0 by connecting the LED lamp in series.The dimmer knob is usually a variable resistor, with a very high cut-off voltage and a voltage that reduces the faster the voltage is cut off to the controlled device.

Resistor dimming circuit is adjustable resistors in series on the bulb circuit.At full light, the two dimming power consumption is the same.Only when dimmed, because the adjustable resistor has the same current flow as the bulb, there is a large power consumption on the resistor.When the SCR is dimmed, the conduction sensation increases.SCR itself basically does not consume power, so in the dimming,Triac dimming drivers than resistance dimming energy saving.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of resistance dimming?


1. Simple operation

Very little maintenance is required

3. Low cost

4. Portable units


1. Power loss is always present in the circuit due to resistance

2. Power loss will generate heat, and the equipment will become hot, so it is necessary to carry out heat dissipation arrangement.


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