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how to check my LED power supply
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how to check my LED power supply

Time:2021-06-11  /  Read:541

In the process of using the LED driving power supply, the customer found that the power supply could not be used, and the power supply was judged as defective products and returned to the manufacturer.However, after quality testing, it was found that it was not defective.This situation, I believe that many LED power suppliers will encounter problems.

So, what is the reason that LED power does not work properly when it is used, but the test is good?

Here are 7 reasons why the power supply does not work properly, and 7 ways to check the LED power supply:


1, The connection between the power supply and the LED lamp is too long and too thin;When the output voltage of the power supply is 24V, the voltage may only be 22V or even lower than 22V when it passes through the loss of the power line and then reaches the LED lamp. Then the LED lamp will flash or dim because it cannot get enough voltage.

Solution: Shorten the length of the power cord or increase the cross-sectional diameter of the power cord to reduce pressure drop.Note: Do not use the wire coil when the cable is too long, otherwise inductance will be generated and the input voltage will fluctuate greatly and the input current will be unstable.


2, The positive and negative of the power output and the positive and negative of the LED lamp are connected in reverse, the lamp will not light, or even burn out the LED power supply or LED lamp.

Solution: Before using the LED power supply, be sure to check the positive and negative poles of the power supply and lamps to avoid wiring errors and lead to unnecessary losses.


3. Power overload protection.When the power of the lamp exceeds the normal output power of the power supply, the power supply will be in the protective state, and the LED lamp will flash, dim or not light directly.At this time, if we replace a new power supply, it is possible that the LED light will return to normal use. This situation is because the overload protection value of the power supply has a range, and each one will have a difference of ± value. As long as its protection value is within the normal range, the product is qualified.

Solution: In general, the power used by LED lamps cannot exceed 85% of the power of the LED power supply. For example, a 100W lamp, then the power supply used needs 150W.This method can reduce the loss of LED lamps and LED power components, and prolong their service life.


4. Power short circuit protection.In the fault phenomenon of the switching power supply, the most painful thing is that the product is damaged due to the short circuit of the power supply, because the short circuit fault will cause the failure of most parts of the power supply.When the LED lamp is short-circuited, the power supply will enter the short-circuited protection state, and the LED lamp will not be on.After cutting off the power supply of the input end, it can resume working after a short while.

Solution: LED lamp short circuit may be engineering circuit short circuit, this kind of situation is easier to check.

If the LED lamp product internal short circuit, we can use a multimeter to detect.


5, The power supply overtemperature protection.Temperature is a very important performance index in switching power supply chips.This is because the chip is often integrated with high voltage and high current power switching circuit, will produce a large power consumption.With the increase of power consumption, the temperature of the chip will change greatly.Excessive temperature rise will lead to the failure of temperature-sensitive semiconductor devices (M0s tube, transistor), capacitors and other components.In addition to electrical stress, temperature is the most important factor affecting the reliability and stability of switching power supply chips.Therefore, the overtemperature protection circuit must be used to control the temperature rise of the switching power supply chip within the allowable range in order to ensure its reliability and stability.


Solution: when the temperature protection appears, the power can be restored to work.Whether indoor or outdoor power supply, it can not be installed in airtight places, otherwise it will affect the heat dissipation of the power supply. It should be installed in a naturally ventilated environment, and the heat generated by the power supply at the same time of power consumption can be very good to dissipate the heat.

Shenzhen YSD LED power supply, storage temperature and humidity respectively between -40℃~80℃ and 10~95%RH, working temperature between -30℃~80℃, working humidity in 20~95%RH, whether in cold weather in Russia, or hot climate in Africa, can work normally.


6, The input voltage is too low.The power supply input voltage has a range value, such as 170~265V. When the power supply is lower than 170V, the power supply will not work normally, and the LED will flash or fail to light.

Solution: When purchasing LED power supply, make sure that the input voltage of the power supply is consistent with the local utility voltage.


7, The use of power for a long time.Power use for a long time, wiring terminals, wire barge interface prone to poor contact or oxidation, these may lead to the power supply can not be normal to the load power supply, thus causing the false appearance of power damage.

Solution: LED power supply has a service life range, about 2~5 years, good quality LED drive internal original, its service life is longer, many LED power supply on the market is low price, even far lower than the normal price, at this time you should be alert, whether this power supply is using second-hand electronic components?!Cheap electronic components will reduce the function and service life of LED power supply, and even LED lamps will be damaged.

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