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How to effectively improve the service life of LED driving power supply
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How to effectively improve the service life of LED driving power supply

Time:2021-06-25  /  Read:1126

LED power supply is widely used in: street lights, tunnel lights, LED grille lights, LED indoor lighting, hotel lighting, LED sky lights, buildings, roads and Bridges, park landscape lights, curtain wall lights, dynamic billboards, luminous words, stadiums, side lights, explosion-proof lamps, mining production of mine lights, etc.





8 factors that affect the service life of LED power supply


(1) The temperature and life of the electrolytic capacitor: the normal working life of the LED driving power supply,depends on the life of the electrolytic capacitor used by the power supply, and the life of the electrolytic capacitor depends on the life and working temperature of the capacitor itself.

The life of the capacitor at 65℃ can only guarantee about 80,000 hours;

The life of the capacitor at 75℃ can only guarantee about 40,000 hours;

The life of the capacitor at 85℃ can only guarantee about 20,000 hours;

The life of the capacitor at 95℃ can only guarantee about 10,000 hours;

The gasification electrolyte will leak out from the sealing part of the electrolytic capacitor. This phenomenon will accelerate with the rise of temperature. It is generally believed that the leakage rate will increase to 2 times for every 10℃ rise in temperature.Therefore, it can be said that the electrolytic capacitor determines the life of the power supply device.

(2) lamp temperature, lamp housing temperature will affect the service life of LED power supply.Lamp temperature rise depends on its heat dissipation design and efficiency, usually greater than 30℃.

(3) the impact of the actual application environment: high humidity environment, high temperature environment, dusty environment, strong magnetic environment, vibration environment will reduce the service life of LED power supply.

If it is a closed environment, sufficient derating design is required to ensure its reliability and life.

(4) the influence of power supply network: the voltage input of the unstable power grid will impact the components of the LED power supply, thus affecting the life pulse of the LED drive.

(5) the impact of insulation and installation: the correct installation of the product and good insulation will enhance the application of LED power supply.

(6) the power supply heat dissipation structure: the power supply will increase the heat conduction and heat dissipation pressure of the lamp, LED temperature will rise, will affect the light efficiency of LED lamp and the service life of LED power supply.

(7) Failure of key components: control ICs, MOSFET, secondary rectifier diodes.

(8) the impact of storage environment and transportation: poor storage environment is easy to lead to LED indoor power internal devices dampness, mildew and corrosion;Vibration and violent collision during transportation may lead to loosening and damage of internal components.


9 ways to improve the life of LED drive power


(1) reduce the use of electrolytic capacitors.

(2) The components shall be used at reduced rates, especially power components and magnetic components.

(3) Do not use LED power with full load. It is suggested that the power should be controlled at about 86% of the actual power of LED power.

(4) try to use the external type of driving power supply, and do a good job of power dissipation.

(5) choose a good inductor, the inductor's large current and good heat dissipation are the key.

(6) the LED power supply should be used in a good heat dissipation and ventilation environment.

(7) Good design of LED power PCB, in strict accordance with the design requirements of moisture-proof, salt spray proof, lightning proof, waterproof, shockproof, improve the controllability of the driving power supply.

(8) Stable power supply grid voltage input can not impact the LED power supply components, does not affect the service life of the LED drive.

(9) do a good job in the heat dissipation of LED lamps and lanterns to improve the working efficiency of LED power supply.

In the selection and design of LED drive power supply to take into account: 1. High reliability 2. High efficiency 3.High power factor 4. Drive mode 5. Surge protection 6. Protection function 7. Protection: external installation of lamps, power structure should be waterproof, moisture-proof, and metal shell 8.The life of the driving power supply should be compatible with the life of the LED lamp. 9. To meet the requirements of safety regulations and EMC.

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