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How to choose LED switching power supply correctly
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How to choose LED switching power supply correctly

Time:2021-03-18  /  Read:465

LED switching power supply is widely used in LED display, LED lighting (LED lamps, LED street lamps), LED lighting (guardrail pipe, wall washing lamp, advertising light box) for all kinds of constant voltage, constant current products to provide power supply, low voltage current safety, green, healthy.


LED lighting technology is more and more advanced, and there are many kinds of LED switching power supply on the market. If you want to choose high-quality and affordable LED switching power supply, it is believed that all users are very concerned about the topic. Yan Shuoda believes that there are three main factors: quality, price, and delivery time.

1.Quality which is the most important factor in choosing LED switching power supply products.If a manufacturer's LED switching power supply quality is not qualified, the effect can not meet the actual requirements of the use of the project, then no matter how low the price, the project procurement side will not choose such LED switching power supply manufacturer as their partners.The quality of LED switching power supply is a rigid requirement, can not meet the corresponding requirements that will be eliminated, which requires the LED switching power supply manufacturers to pay attention to the quality of their products from another aspect;Shenzhen research of masters of science and technology with decades of research and development, production and sales LED power supply experience, products are exported to North America, Europe, Australia, South America, southeast Asia, and more market, the company has strong technical force, standardized production workshop, advanced testing equipment, perfect management system, advanced laboratory, strict implementation of IS09001;2015 Quality Management System;To provide customers with stable and reliable quality products.

2Price is not only important to LED switching power supply manufacturers, but also to purchasers.Current LED switching power supply market, though the price competition is intense, but the overall cost is there, as the purchaser, of course, hope that the lower the price, the better, but as for the LED switching power supply, processing, cheap materials to produce low-cost products, but often this cannot be guaranteed product quality, short service life, and more.Although yanshuoda power supply can not promise to give you the lowest price, but we can give you the most preferential price and the best quality service!

3Delivery deadline, notable is, as the next two years outdoor LED drive power supply market demand gradually increase, for the size of the LED power supply manufacturer, and rapid delivery, continuous supply ability to put forward higher request, here, the research of commitment, to ensure the quantity and send the goods on time to customers.

High frequency LED switching power supply is the direction of its development. High frequency makes the switching power supply miniaturization, and makes the switching power supply into a wider range of applications, especially in the field of high and new technology, and promotes the miniaturization and lightness of high-tech products.In addition, the development and application of switching power supply is of great significance in energy saving, resource saving and environmental protection.

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