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5 direct factors for choosing LED driver
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5 direct factors for choosing LED driver

Time:2021-03-18  /  Read:467

Whether you're building your own LED fixture, fixing and retrofitting existing fixtures, or purchasing new LED lights, you'll got to find the right power source for your'll either need a continuing current LED driver or a continuing voltage power supply (or a mixture of both) so as to form your LEDs work properly. There are many various factors to think about when choosing an supply for LED lighting.


Constant Voltage Power Supplies

A constant voltage power supply are often wont to power LED lights that have resistors or constant current drivers already within the system. These sorts of products will typically involve a continuing DC voltage. If you're powering from battery or happen to possess a continuing DC voltage that's adequate for your lights, then consider yourself lucky. ninefold out of ten this may not be the case and you'll need an influence supply to convert your power to a secure DC voltage for your lights. for instance , LED flex strips have on-board current limiting resistors.So you need some type of constant voltage power supply that can convert your AC household voltage down to a safe DC voltage. There are many things that factor into finding the right power supply for your needs. First, we should lock down the led power we require from our most power source.


To get started, determine what percentage watts your light will consume. If you hope to run quite one light off of 1 power supply, you want to sum the wattages up to seek out the entire watts used. confirm to possess an outsized enough power supply by giving yourself a 20% cushion over the entire wattage you calculate from your LEDs. this will easily be done by multiplying your total wattage by 1.2 then finding an influence supply rated for that wattage.

Dimmable LED Power Supplies

If your LEDs are dimmable and you would like to adjust their brightness, make sure you choose a power supply that has dimming capabilities. I will go over the 3 dimmer control types briefly:

PWM Dimming: Also referred to as pulse-width modulation dimming, are often used on all power supplies. Even the facility supplies on our site that don’t say ‘dimmable’ right within the specs are often dimmed through wall mounted or remote PWM dimmers. this is often because PWM dimmers go in-line with the strip lights, dimming on the 12VDC side of the circuit. PWM dimmers actually pulse the lights at high frequencies to vary the perception of sunshine to the eye . the upper the frequency, the brighter they're going to be.

TRIAC Dimming: This type of dimming allows for LEDs to be dimmed with standard dimmers. you want to look to form sure an influence supply qualifies for AC (TRIAC) dimming by checking the specs. Our current products that provide dimming controls like this are the Magnitude dimmable power supplies These power supplies work by varying the facility on the AC side of the circuit via a TRIAC dimmer. The change in power that the dimmer creates on the AC input side will vary the voltage on the DC output and control the brightness of the LEDs. TRIAC dimmers are often found in common hardware stores. Most opular/recognizable brands would be Lutron and Leviton.YSD dimmer LED power supply can match with many dimmers and lighting system from all over the world,such asPhilipsClipsalLutronLevitonABBCrestron and so onHigh compatibility and continous smooth&flicker-free with dimmersLeading edgeTriac),Triailing edgeELVphase-cut.

0-10V Dimming:0-10Vdimming is achieved by changing the 0-10V voltage to control the output current of the power supply. The advantage of 0-10V dimming is that there is no compatibility problem between the dimming power supply and the dimmer. The dimming linearity is good, and it has switching function.10V when the brightest, 0V when off;Its disadvantage is that it needs a group of 0-10V signal line, which is not suitable for the old reform project.


The upper the efficiency percentage of the facility supply-the more power you finish up saving. For LED applications it's an right idea to pick an influence source with 80% efficiency or higher.

Find the Power Supply Best for You

YSD power supplies for the foremost efficient selection as they have efficiency ratings running well into the 90 percentile. they are a reputable brand with plenty of LED drivers and supplies with fantastic warranties.