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What is leading edge dimming?
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What is leading edge dimming?

Time:2021-03-18  /  Read:689

Leading edge dimmers: also known as dimmers,incandescent dimmers.Usual used for incandescent lamps or magnetic low voltage transformers,and produces a rush of voltage every half cycle,leads to a high inrush current into the electronic components of the LED lamp.


Many existing leading-edge dimmer switches have a relatively high minimum load, which often rules out their use with modest LED or CFL lighting circuits. However, leading-edge dimmers are by far the most common dimming control in existence.

Trailing-edge dimmers are more sophisticated than leading-edge dimmers. They provide a much smoother dimming control, absent of any buzzing noise, and is ideal for use in most premises.

Relative to the leading edge dimmerA trailing-edge dimmer has a lower minimum load than leading-edge dimmers, making it a better choice for dimming modestly sized low-powered lighting circuits.

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