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How does the Triac dimmer work?
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How does the Triac dimmer work?

Time:2021-03-18  /  Read:832

TRIAC circuits are widely used, and very common in AC power control applications. These circuits have the ability to switch high voltages, as well as very high levels of current in the two parts of an AC waveform. They are semiconductor devices, similar to a diode.

TRIAC is often used as a means of light dimming in domestic lighting applications, and can even serve as a power control in motors.

What does TRIAC mean?

TRIAC stands for Triode for Alternating Current, and is a switch that is used to control power. When used in lighting applications, it’s commonly referred to as ‘TRIAC dimming’.


Why choose TRIAC?

Triacs are electronic components that are widely used in AC power control applications. They are able to switch high voltages and high levels of current, and over both parts of an AC waveform.


What is a TRIAC-dimmable power supply?

Triac dimmable led power driver is a led power supply with triac dimming function.It can dimming by a Triac dimmer.YSD constant voltage triac power supply is use more with led strip light,led linear light,led cabinet light.For it is easy use,it can replace the tradition led light very simple.


Is TRIAC mains (~230v) dimming?

Connect the TRIAC module to the power supply,The voltage at this time should be maintained between 100 and 230V AC,Can tune out the lighting effect that needs.


How do you wire a TRIAC LED control system?

‘Leading edge’ dimmers make use of a TRIAC switch in controlling power while ‘trailing edge’ dimmers use MOSFETs or IBGTs to control power. So it is important to ensure that your phase-cut dimmable LED driver is compatible with the dimmer switch you will be using before you can make any purchase.