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AB series LED waterproof power supply
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AB series LED waterproof power supply

Time:2021-03-25  /  Read:588

Yanshuoda AB series constant voltage waterproof power supply, 12/24v 20w-600w, a variety of models, product size has its own advantages, wide range of use, unlimited.

Yanshuoda AB series waterproof power supply adopts a sealed structure design. All parts are sealed in an aluminum alloy shell to prevent rust and corrosion of the parts. It effectively prevents moisture, water, dust and other dangerous substances from entering the shell. , Improve the service life of the power supply.

Yanshuoda AB series waterproof power supplies have a waterproof rating of IP67 and have excellent waterproof performance. They can be used in harsh environments such as industrial atmospheres or humid atmospheres. Due to their excellent waterproof performance, they are widely used in environmental protection, metallurgy, automobiles, Ships, aviation and other fields are used for voltage or current conversion of equipment.