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D series ultra-thin waterproof power supply
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D series ultra-thin waterproof power supply

Time:2021-03-25  /  Read:563

The LED ultra-thin waterproof power supply, as the name suggests, is ultra-thin and thinner, which can adapt to a smaller installation space; waterproof, the better quality power supply on the market generally adopts the IP67 waterproof rating, which is sufficient for outdoor rainy weather. LED ultra-thin waterproof power supplies are mostly used in outdoor places. Of course, they can also be installed and used indoors, which can prevent insects and dust.

Yanshuoda ultra-thin waterproof power supply has a wide range of models, including 12/24V 60-350W, ultra-thin shell design, easy to install and save a lot of space and time; waterproof and lightning-proof, suitable for use in harsh environments; high output power , Users can rest assured to configure the load; used in advertising signs, ultra-thin light boxes, outdoor lighting/light strips and other LED lamps.