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LED light strip repair instructions guide
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LED light strip repair instructions guide

Time:2021-03-31  /  Read:687

LED strips (led strips) are energy-saving, high-brightness, long-life, and low failure rate. They have become the favorite decorations of ordinary household users. However, a low failure rate does not mean that there is no failure. What should we do when the LED light fails? Re-purchase?Such a waste! In fact, the cost of repairing LED lights is very low, the technical difficulty is not high, and ordinary people can operate it.


1.Anti-static LED light bar: Since LED is a static-sensitive component, if you need to use an anti-static soldering iron when repairing the LED light strip, and the maintenance personnel should wear an electrostatic ring and anti-static gloves. If the anti-static measures are not taken care of, the LED will burn. Bad.


2. LED light bar cannot sustain high temperature: LED and FPC are two important components of LED light bar. If the FPC continues to high temperature or may exceed its withstand temperature, it will crack the cover film of the FPC and indirectly lead to the scrap of the LED light strip. LEDs can't continue to withstand high temperatures. If the high temperature time is too long, its chips are easy to burn. Therefore, when repairing LED light strips, use a temperature-controlled electric soldering iron to limit the temperature to a certain range. In addition, even so, it is necessary to pay attention that the soldering iron cannot stop on the LED pin for more than 10 seconds during maintenance. If this time is exceeded, the LED chip may be burned out.


3. Short circuit: Many LED strips do not light up because there is a short circuit at the pin. It is necessary to investigate the real reason for the lack of light before repairing. Otherwise, after rashly repairing the LED that is not bright, the LED chip will continue to be broken down by the short-circuit direct current when the power is turned on again. Therefore, in advance, you must first find the real reason for the lack of light.


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