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Why does my LED light not bright? How to fix it?
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Why does my LED light not bright? How to fix it?

Time:2021-04-01  /  Read:438

Why does my LED light not bright?

There are two reasons why the LED light does not bright up: one is that the LED light strip is broken, and the other is that the LED power supplies is broken; how to judge: first cut off the power supply and measure the LED light source with a multimeter. If the data displayed by the multimeter is 0, it means LED light is broken, you need to buy a new LED light source; if the data measured by the multimeter shows 220, then the power supply is broken. At this time, we only need to replace a power supply with the same parameters. If the newly-purchased light bar fails to work after receiving power, it means that the new light bar is defective, and it is returned directly to the merchant for replacement.


A small part of the LED lamp is not bright, how to repair it?

If one or several of the lamp beads are broken, find the non-lighting lamp bead and mark it. Use tool pliers to remove the non-lighting lamp bead. Be careful not to scratch the circuit board. The position of the lamp bead will be unplugged. There are two connection points. At this time, we can replace the lamp bead with a wire. Prepare the wire 4-5cm. Strip the two ends and pay attention to the length 3-5mm. Use an electric soldering iron to connect to the power supply for heating. The two ends are respectively welded to the 2 connection points, and then the power is turned on, the LED light can work normally.



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