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What is the reason for the flickering of the LED light? How to solve?
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What is the reason for the flickering of the LED light? How to solve?

Time:2021-04-01  /  Read:514

LED strip lights is easy to use and easy to install. It is the best choice for many home users to decorate their homes. After using for a long time, LED lights may flicker continuously; if the lights flicker continuously at night, it will feel scary; then LED What is the reason for the light flickering? To solve the problem of LED light flickering, we must find the right reason. The following analysis of the reasons for the LED light flicker is for your reference:

1. It may be that the LED drive power supply is broken. At this time, we need to replace a new drive power supply to reconnect with the LED lights; when we buy the LED power supply, we must choose a good quality power supply. Shenzhen Yanshuoda Power Supply has 15 years of LED power supply, LED dimming power supply R&D and production experience, power supply service life>30000h.

2. The light bar does not match the power supply: If the light bar needs a total of 30W and the power used driver is only 20W, then the power supply will enter the overload protection mode and then turn on. This cycle will also cause the light to flash continuously. At this time, we need to use a power supply with the same power as the light bar to make the LED light work normally.

3. If the outdoor lamp also flashes on and off, it means that the lamp has entered water. As a result, it won't light up after flashing, and the lamp beads and driver are easily broken. If the driver has a good waterproof effect, just lamp beads was broken,change light source can.

4. If the wiring is poorly connected, the switch or connector of the lamp is loose, the LED light will keep flashing.

5. When the light flickers after turning off the light, first confirm the wiring problem. The most likely problem is the neutral wire controlled by the switch. In this case, correct it in time to avoid danger. The correct way is to switch the live wire to the neutral wire. Electric light. If there is no problem with the circuit, it is possible that the LED lamp has generated self-inductance current. The easiest way is to buy a 220V relay and connect the coil to the light in series to solve the problem.

The above lists only 5 common LED light flashing problems, and there are some professional problems. You need to use LED testing equipment or proprietary tools to troubleshoot problems. LED lights used at home will not buy these instruments or tools. Operation complex , requires a professional understanding of LED lights, and additional costs. If you have more professional LED insights, welcome to share with me, leave a message E-mail:, or WhatsApp: +86 136 32807457; if you want to know more about LED light bar knowledge, please click< Read more>