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7 considerations for purchasing LED power supply
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7 considerations for purchasing LED power supply

Time:2021-04-14  /  Read:551

We need to consider many factors when purchasing LED power supplies. How can we buy high-quality power supplies? The following is a list of 7 issues that you should pay attention to when buying LED power supplies:


1. The service life of the LED power supply

The service life of the LED power supply is generally 2-5 years. The main factors for the service life of the LED drive power supply are: high-quality capacitors, with good heat dissipation function, can improve power efficiency, and optimize the heat dissipation design of LED lamps. The power supply is a switching power supply. The quality and reliability of the switching power supply depends on its circuit design, production process, and quality of components. Electrolytic capacitor is an indispensable part of high-power switching power supply. When selecting LED power supplies, we must first understand the production process of the power supplier; Shenzhen Yanshuoda Technology has 13 years of experience in R&D and production of power supplies, and the product life span is 3-5 years.


2. The use environment of LED power supply

Purchase the corresponding power supply according to the use environment of the LED lamp, such as temperature, humidity, installation location, etc. If it is installed outdoors or in a humid environment, you need to purchase a waterproof power supply. The IP rating of the waterproof power supply is 65~67 If the LED is installed in a well-ventilated place indoors, choose an indoor IP20 power supply, which will greatly reduce the cost; if it is installed in a slightly humid and smoky place (such as coastal areas), then the IP40 semi-filled glue power supply is best choice.


3. Input and output voltage

Each power supply has a specific input voltage range, such as: 220V (high voltage), 110V (low voltage), 100-240V; about 120 countries and regions around the world use 220V50HZ voltage, including China. The 110 voltage is suitable for countries such as the United States and Japan.


4. How much power do you need to buy

According to the power of your own LED lights, buy a power supply with the same power; Note: You cannot buy a power supply with a lower power than the LED lamp because of cost savings. This will burn your LED driver and even your lamp will be damaged.


5. Whether the power supply has IC

When buying an LED power supply, you need to know whether the power supply has an IC control chip, because the IC control chip has protection functions such as short circuit, overvoltage, overload, and overtemperature. The LED power supplies on the market basically contain IC, and the quality of the IC will affect the service life of the power supply.


6. Whether to choose a constant current power supply or a constant voltage power supply

Use constant current power supply for stadium lighting, large square lighting, LED tunnel lights, LED high bay lights, etc.

Choose constant voltage drive power for building exterior lighting, city wall landscape, river landscape, etc.


7. LED power product certification

The more certification qualifications of LED power products, the higher the performance and safety of the products. Commonly used certification qualifications for LED power supplies are as follows: UL, ETL, CSA, CE, CB, GS, CCC, ROHS, EAC, BIS, etc.; Shenzhen Yanshuoda LED power supply has passed UL, ETL, TUV-mark, CE, CB, SAA, BIS.CCC, ROHS and other certifications, product quality is safe and reliable, and exported to North America, Europe, Australia, South America, Southeast Asia and many other overseas markets.



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