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LED will become the mainstream energy-saving light source
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LED will become the mainstream energy-saving light source

Time:2021-04-15  /  Read:681

LED is called the new light source of the century. It is a safe, healthy, low-carbon artificial lighting, and it is one of the most promising high-tech fields in the 21st century.

LED has high luminous efficiency, that is, it produces light of the same brightness. It consumes less electricity than other traditional lamps. Practical LED lamps can save more than 50% of electricity than energy-saving lamps with the same brightness and are durable. The LED structure is simple and strong, and has a long life. Theoretically, the service life of the lamp: 1000 hours for incandescent lamps, about 10,000 hours for energy-saving lamps, and about 50,000 hours for combined LED lamps, which is much longer than incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps, and LED lamps will not be too bright or too dark.

The environmental adaptability of LED lights is very strong, and it is suitable for almost all indoor and outdoor lighting in different fields. More importantly, LED can easily realize the automatic control of lighting. Combine it with the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology, so that no matter what People can live in a comfortable and healthy visual environment with moderate brightness, soft fiber, no glare, and no glare. In addition, LED is basically non-polluting to the environment. LED lights use advanced semiconductor technology to achieve safe, healthy and low-carbon artificial lighting. With the advancement of technology, it will surely be the top light source in the future.

An era of replacing traditional lamps with LEDs has come.