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What is the driver in the LED light?
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What is the driver in the LED light?

Time:2021-05-12  /  Read:498

What is the driver in the LED light?

Is to convert the power supply into a specific voltage and current to drive the LED light power converter, usually: LED drive power input includes high voltage power frequency AC (that is, power supply), low voltage DC, high voltage DC, low voltage and high frequency AC (such as the output of electronic transformer).The output of LED driving power is mostly a constant current source that can change the voltage with the change of the forward voltage drop value of LED.LED lamp power supply is a kind of LED power supply driver transfromer, it is the most important part of LED light, improper selection, LED lamp can not play a performance, or even can not be used normally.

LED light use constant current drive or constant voltage drive, is generally (110V) 220V50HZ AC power input, from (110V) 220V step-down to 12V/24V, for safety, LED power transformer is generally isolation transformer, it can reduce the occurrence of electric shock accidents;If it is underwater lamp, then the use of the transformer needs to reach the waterproof grade IP67, can soak in the water work of the LED waterproof transformer.

However, some LED lights in order to reduce the volume and cost, usually do not use LED transformer, but through the resistance capacity step-down, and then each LED series and parallel, the use of (110V) 220V power supply voltage, there is no need for external power transformer, because the lights has a built-in transformer, direct access to (110V) 220V city power.


What does a transformer do

LED drive transformer, also known as switching power supply, generally has soft start, constant voltage role;Due to the poor consistency of LEDs and instantaneous changes in the activity of the internal PN junction during re-conduction, LED drivers are generally designed to soft-start to avoid this defect.

When the LED transformer depressurizes the mains 220V to 12V 24V, the LED light can be controlled on and off.220V (110V) power supply due to the need to greatly reduce the voltage, so the use of the switching voltage with isolation transformer, the output voltage is greater than the LED conduction voltage, the working current to be stable, and can not be greater than the rated current of LED;When the working current of the LED exceeds the rated current, the LED will soon appear aging damage, and the service life will be greatly reduced.

LED drive power circuit requirements are simple, most of the time, because to cooperate with the convenience of LED lighting, the driving power circuit is installed in a very small space, (YSD ultra-thin 100W 12V power thickness is only 18mm, to learn more please click) that is to save costs, but also to reduce energy consumption.



LED light power supply output circuit is constant, the ideal circuit is no matter what LED the characteristic curve of change, drive power supply current remain unchanged, but limited to the original accuracy, or there will be a small amount of change, and this change is also an important parameter, determine whether the driver circuit of excellent LED the conduction and voltage function is a nonlinear relationship with "three",So it's very important to maintain a constant flow.