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The characteristics of 0-10V dimming and how to troubleshooting
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The characteristics of 0-10V dimming and how to troubleshooting

Time:2021-05-12  /  Read:638

With the development of LED lamp technology, compared with the traditional analog dimming technology, digital dimming technology has been greatly developed in recent years.There are thousands of dimming products available in the lighting market today, but there are only three main types of dimming: 1. 0-10V dimming (converting analog signals to digital signals to control the output);2. Dali dimming mode;3. DMX dimming mode.These innovative dimming methods have more advantages than traditional SCR dimming methods. They are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, with less harmonic pollution from the grid.We need to take these factors into account in the dimming drive selection.

Smoothness of dimming, depth of dimming, whether there are strobe and ripple that can be perceived in the dimming process.YSD 0.1% depth dimming product dimming natural and soft, bring people a new dimming lighting experience.


Smoothness of dimming

In order to achieve the ultrafine smoothness of the dimming output, it is first necessary to understand the difference between each dimming level.The smaller the difference between each dimming level, the smoother the dimming will be.In this way, the poleless dimming can be achieved during the whole dimming process.


Adjustable optical depth

For LED lighting needs to meet the requirements of dimming level is very low and stable output, has the certain difficulty and challenge constant-voltage power dimmer extreme difficulty, depth of 0.1% - 100% dimmer, the light dimming process naturally exquisite bright and dark down slowly, can close to the same as the traditional incandescent lamp dimming effect are not as general adjustable light power supply,The dimming from the darkest to the brightest is only in an instant, coupled with the unique dimming curve, the dimming is smooth and natural, without any strobe, so that the visual experience of human eyes is more comfortable.



The biggest problem with LED lighting is flickering.The flicker mentioned here is not perceptible to the naked eye but it is also harmful to people's vision and easy to cause visual fatigue.Virtually any lighting source that gets its energy from alternating current will have a stroboscopic signal.


In a dimming system, "0-10" uses a controller to adjust the voltage on the dimming light. Simply put, the control signal is a DC voltage that varies between 0 and 10V. At 0V, the light is dimmed to its minimum brightness, but usually a switch is required to turn it off completely.

The following diagram is the wiring diagram of 0-10V LED dimmer drive.


0-10v LED driver wiring diagram


For customers who pay attention to dimming performance when low output, it is recommended that all 0-10V dimming should use a shielded line, which is grounded at the controller end.Because unshielded 0-10V dimming lines are subject to radiated interference like antennas (from transformers, radio transmitters, motors, etc.), this will cause the lights to flicker.


0-10v dimming troubleshooting

With more and more 0-10V dimming lighting applications, how to troubleshoot 0-10V dimming, here is a simple step to determine the fault from a wiring problem or a driver problem.

1) On the first lamp, remove the gray and purple wire from the adjusting circuit.

2) Connect the power supply and connect the gray and purple wires of the driving power supply together.

This causes a short circuit and makes the fixture darken to a minimum (it looks as if it's out).

If the lamp dimms while performing steps 1 and 2, it is likely that there is a bad tap or a wire crossing somewhere in the line, so it is best to start with the dimmer until you find the problem point.


The application of 0-10V dimming in practice

Yashoda constant voltage 0-10V dimming power supply set short circuit, overload, overvoltage and other protection functions, good compatibility, smooth dimming without flicker;Support customized dimming curve, improve dimming effect, applied to the light strip, light strip, billboard, guardrail LED module and other luminance adjustment.