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What is the difference between lightning protection and surge protection for LED driver power supply
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What is the difference between lightning protection and surge protection for LED driver power supply

Time:2021-05-11  /  Read:642

Surge protector, also called lightning protection device, is a kind of electronic equipment for a variety of electronic equipment, instruments and meters, communication lines to provide safety protection of electronic devices.

When the electrical circuit or communication line because of external interference suddenly produces a peak current or voltage, surge protector can be in a very short time to conduct shunt, so as to avoid the surge to the circuit of other equipment damage.

Lightning protection device also known as lightning arrester, surge protector, surge protector, overvoltage protector, etc., mainly including power lightning protection device and signal lightning protection device, lightning protection device is through modern electricity and other technology to prevent the damage of the equipment in the lightning strike.The lightning energy absorption in the arrester is mainly zinc oxide varistor and gas discharge tube.

So, there is no difference between lightning protection and surge protector.


What are the requirements of outdoor LED driving power for lightning protection?

Lightning protection on the requirements of the power supply is that the power supply should have the ability to prevent the surge impact.In order to ensure that the power supply has a certain anti-interference ability, the surge (impact) anti-interference test is required on the safety code certification of the LED drive power supply.

Lightning is a natural phenomenon of nature.Thunder as long as includes direct thunder, conduction thunder and induction thunder, because the energy impact brought by direct thunder is very large, the destructive force is very strong, the general power supply is unable to withstand.Surge shock caused by lightning strike is a transient wave, is a transient disturbance, can be surge voltage can be surge current.Transfer to a power line along a power line or other path (conducting lightning) or through an electromagnetic field (inductive lightning).Its waveform is characterized by a rapid rise and then a slow decline.This phenomenon can have a fatal impact on the power supply, because it produces instantaneous surge impact far beyond the electrical stress of ordinary electronic devices, resulting in the immediate result of electronic components damage.



For outdoor LED lighting driving power supply, the use environment determines that lightning protection is an important index to measure its performance.Therefore, lightning protection design must be considered for outdoor LED power supply.The outdoor LED drive power supply developed and designed by YSD,The main mechanism is to absorb the transient energy broughtby lightning strikes or release the energy to the ground through a predetermined path,so as to avoid the impact on the back end of the power supply.The design includes a secondary protection circuit. The primary protection circuit consists of FUSE, varistor MOV1 and gas discharge tube AR3.The secondary protection circuit consists of varistor MOV2, MOV3, gas discharge tube AR1, AR2;The function of the secondary protection is different. The primary protection circuit is mainly responsible for dealing with the differential mode surge and absorbs the differential mode surge voltage of the power port instantaneously.The secondary protection circuit is mainly responsible for dealing with the common mode surge. Through the effective absorption of the varistor and the detonator and the energy discharge to the ground, the surge impact can be greatly reduced after passing this level protection circuit.



In addition to being struck by lightning, the power supply will produce high instantaneous overvoltage (or overcurrent) when switching on or off inductance, capacious load or large load, switching of power system, resonance phenomenon associated with switching devices and various system faults, such as short circuit and arc fault of system combination to ground system.Such as high power drive power supply in the opening moments, especially under the condition of LengQiJi, will produce a large surge current into the power supply equipment, because the power supply there are many different USES capacitance, especially used for PFC (power factor adjustment) line after high pressure, large capacity of electrolytic capacitors, in front of the rev machine voltage is very low,The capacitor is charged rapidly within a short time of switching on the mains, and the peak current is much greater than the input current under the steady state condition.


How to ensure that outdoor LED driving power supply meets the lightning protection requirements?

How to ensure that outdoor LED drive power supply meets the requirements of lightning protection, in addition to the design of the corresponding lightning protection circuit, at the same time, we should fully consider the stress capacity of the components, especially the voltage sensitive resistor, discharge tube, rectifier bridge, fuse, EMI filter and other devices at the input end of the power supply, we should fully consider the possible surge level.


How to install and use the driving power correctly?

There are also some considerations regarding the proper installation and use of the driving power supply.If the power supply must be reliably grounded, to ensure that the impact energy has a fixed path can be discharged;The use of dedicated lines for outdoor driving power supply, to avoid large mechanical and electrical equipment around to avoid the electrical and mechanical equipment in the start of the surge impact;Reasonably control the total load of the lamps (or power supply) on each branch to avoid the surge impact at the moment when the load is too large;Reasonable configuration of knife gate, opening or closing must be carried out step by step.All of these can effectively avoid the operation of surge shock, so that the LED drive power can work more reliably.