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How to install Under cabinet lighting? Four steps, easy and fast
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How to install Under cabinet lighting? Four steps, easy and fast

Time:2021-05-13  /  Read:570

Under-cabinet lighting can be used as both key lighting and task lighting, making your kitchen a more pleasant and functional space by adding ambiance and enhanced lighting functions for cooking and preparing meals.Most cabinet lighting is LEDs, which produce much brighter light per watt than any other standard source.Below, I will introduce how to use LED light strips to install lighting under the kitchen cabinet. Flexible light strips are easy to hide and simple to install, so that your cabinet appears more high-end luxury.



4 cabinet lighting installation steps, simple and easy!

1: planning the cabinet wiring route, and measure the total length of the route

2: according to the measured length of the route, purchase LED lamp strip;If you don't know how to buy a light bar, you can refer to my blog "2021 LED light strips introduction  precautions and purchase guide and operation guide" to pick out what is right for you. Cabinet lights usually use low-voltage 12V LED light strip, which has high safety and low energy consumption.

3: according to the purchase of the light bar to choose and match the LED light strip power supply, of course, you can also refer to my blog "How to choose the right LED power supply for the light strip", I hope to help you.

4: start to install and switch on the power.In order to ensure the beauty of the cabinet, the power supply had better be installed in a more concealed and ventilated place.


Actually, use lamp strip installation serves as ambry illumination, cost is lowest, and installation is the simplest, even if it is the novice that does not have experience, also can finish easily.In addition to the purchase of lighting equipment is a bit of trouble, if you are not very clear that you want to buy that kind of equipment, you can also directly consult the business, they will often give professional advice, or, you can also consult me, I will be very patient and detailed for you to answer:   or   Whatsapp+86 13632807457  Brian-Wu