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Application introduction of DALI dimming intelligent lighting system
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Application introduction of DALI dimming intelligent lighting system

Time:2023-07-03  /  Read:296


seamless connection

Through standard open protocols such as DALI, BACnet, LonMark, OPC, EnOcean, SMI, etc.

Energy efficient

Adjust the number and brightness value of lighting fixtures through the time schedule, personnel presence and ambient brightness. Under the premise of ensuring comfort, energy saving is maximized.

Ambient constant light control

Depending on the presence of personnel and the ambient light, the ambient light is always maintained at an optimal state.

Various control methods

The lighting can be controlled and adjusted through the web page, the local LCD screen of the controller, mobile devices, BAS monitoring host, and LVIS touch screen.

flexible split

All DALI lamps can be divided and combined arbitrarily according to regional needs, and the switch combination can be customized. When adjusting the control area, there is no need to rewire, and the distribution can be completed through simple settings.

Single Lamp Control Fault Diagnosis

Due to the digital control method, DALI dimming can realize the control of each device (lamp, sensor, DALI relay): at the same time, the status information of the control device can be obtained, and the lamp fault can be quickly located and replaced.

special effects lighting

Adjustable color temperature and color, the color temperature and color can be adjusted according to light changes, and the overall solution can be used to create amazing lighting effects.

Flexible lighting options

DALI is an international open lighting control protocol. As long as it meets the DALI protocol, it can be connected to the DALI control system. There are many options for lamps. At present, there are about 160 lighting industry companies as members of the DALI Association.

scene scheduling

Use the schedule to arrange the lighting strategy, and establish different lighting scenarios for different usage situations to automatically adjust the color temperature and brightness according to the light changes throughout the day.

end user

Users can conveniently switch between scenes, adjust the ambient brightness, color temperature and color, etc., and also perform automatic scheduling control according to work and rest time. Provide a comfortable working and living environment for end users. Through reasonable application, lighting energy consumption can be greatly reduced.

Energy saving and consumption reduction, saving lighting energy consumption

Simple management and control, multiple control methods to meet the needs of different personnel, provide a comfortable illumination environment, and pleasant mood.

Technical debugger

The L-DALI controller is very friendly to the debugger, and does not need to do complicated programming. It can be debugged and set through various methods such as webpage, LINX software or local screen. L-DALI can support BACnet and LON protocols, and can be seamlessly integrated into BA system.

Easy to learn, simple and efficient to debug

Seamless integration, access to BA system without other equipment, multi-channel debugging, web page, LINX software, local knob.

engineering installer

The L-DALI system follows the DALI standard, and the control wiring only needs two core wires, no need to consider polarity, lighting control and grouping. Due to this feature, time for wire and wiring installation can be saved. When connecting to the BA system, only one network cable is needed to connect to the BA network. DALI two-core communication, convenient wiring, no need to consider polarity, and lighting control and grouping; installation and wiring save time, material, and labor.


Yanshuoda DALI control system follows the standard DALI protocol, and can be adapted to all mainstream lighting / commercial lamps. Through combined applications, it can achieve scene switching, dimming, temperature adjustment, color adjustment, constant illumination control, etc., to create a more comfortable environment. The environment and more perfect architectural effects; provide architects with a high degree of freedom for artistic expression.Standard DALI, suitable for all kinds of lamps.Dimming, toning, constant illumination control, improving the design effect and providing designers with more possibilities.


Supermarkets, subways, airports, high-speed rail stations, logistics centers, conference rooms, offices, hospitals, hotels, etc.;

Logistics center: high efficiency and energy saving, the brightness is adjusted according to the presence of personnel and the outdoor illumination. When the machine is running automatically, only the basic illumination is maintained. According to the project experience, the energy saving rate of DALI intelligent lighting can reach 75%. Fault diagnosis, each lamp in DALI intelligent lighting With a unique address, in case of failure, the position of the lamp can be located, found in time, and repaired in time.

Airports and high-speed rail stations: cross-regional centralized control, for large space, cross-regional airports and high-speed rail stations, realize decentralized control and centralized management, reduce management costs, and optimize management levels.

Conference room: It can meet various dimming scenarios, and the local touch screen control can be used to realize manual automatic control and integrated curtain control. According to the conference mode, various conference scenes can be customized according to user habits, and the lighting, air conditioning, conference central control, curtains, and partitions can be sensed. And so on to do linkage, and can realize one-key automatic switching.

Office: Constant illumination control, adjust indoor lighting according to the brightness of outdoor light, and effectively save energy. Scheduling control, automatically turn on and off lamps according to commuting time.

Integrated curtains, adjust the height of the sunshade according to the illuminance, local wall-mounted touch screen control, central monitoring room control, mobile phone and other mobile devices remote control. It can be seamlessly connected to the BA system, and the lights can be linked with curtains, curtains, air conditioners, etc.

Hospital: Adjust the color temperature and color to create a warm environment and atmosphere, so as to relieve the patient's mood and help the patient recover.Slow dimming, adjust the brightness according to the patient's work and rest time, and slowly adjust the brightness to reduce the stimulation to human eyes. Human body induction, toilets and other areas adopt the combination of human body induction and dimming to reduce the inconvenience of going to the toilet in the middle of the night.