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Introduction of linear led driver IC
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Introduction of linear led driver IC

Time:2021-03-26  /  Read:429

What is a linear led driver IC:

IC is a power supply cross-current chip, adding this IC can guarantee the life of the LED; the market claims that there is no (de) electrolytic capacitor, and the ultra-long life is linear IC power supply. IC drive power has the advantages of high reliability, high efficiency and low cost, and is the ideal LED drive power in the future.

The advantages and disadvantages of linear led driver IC:

The price of LED driver IC is about a few cents per PCS, and the expensive one is several yuan. LED driver ICs for different application scenarios have different prices. In terms of application scenarios, the LED driver chip with pulse width modulation (PWM) output and enable control is specially designed for LED lighting, LED display, decoration and other applications. Using one IC or multiple ICs to distribute the voltage, there are few types of electronic components, the power factor and power efficiency are very high, no electrolytic capacitors are needed, and the life is long and the cost is low. The disadvantage is that the output high voltage is non-isolated, and there is stroboscopic, and the enclosure is required to be protected against electric shock.

The difference between linear LED driver with IC and without IC:

The LED drive power supply with IC is more powerful, not only can achieve boosting and step-down, but also can achieve higher efficiency and control accuracy, while the volume of the circuit can be greatly reduced. When the voltage drop is relatively large or the drive current is large, the linear power consumption is large, the efficiency is low, the power consumption of the switch is small, and the efficiency is high. The one without IC is to reduce the cost, and the life of the LED is not guaranteed at all; the one without IC is generally used for RC step-down, and generally has stroboscopic; if you have not touched electronics, you can directly Point the camera at the finished lamp, if there is flicker, there is no IC; if there is no flicker, there is IC.