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What are the types and dimming methods of LED dimming power supply?
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What are the types and dimming methods of LED dimming power supply?

Time:2021-04-20  /  Read:482

LED dimming power supply: Triac dimming, 0-10V/1-10V dimming, Dali dimming, ZigBee system dimming, DMX512 dimming, and WiFi dimming 5 dimming modes.

The following will talk about the types of LED dimming power supply and their respective characteristics.


Triac dimming:

Triac dimming By chopping the alternating current at the input of the power supply to change the output voltage and current,so as to realize the dimming, SCR has active PFC correction, EMC standard design,The dimming is soft and smooth, without the bounce, compatible performance is strong, the bidirectional thyristor standard with domestic and international mainstream dimmer and lighting control system match each other.

Triac dimming is divided into Leading edge dimming and Trailing edge dimming two ways;

The power of the dimmer must be greater than the input power of the power supply. With a dimmer with more than one power supply, the power of the dimmer must be greater than the total power of the power supply. If the power of the dimmer is lower than the input power of the power supply, the dimmer will burn out because it cannot withstand too much current.


0-10V/ 1-10V dimmer:

The 0/1-10V dimming is divided into constant voltage dimming mode and constant current dimming mode. The power supply is designed with a control chip. When connecting the 0-10V dimmer, the output current is changed by changing the 0-10V voltage, such as:

When the 0-10V dimmer modulates to 0V, the current drops to 0, and its light brightness is also off. When the 0-10V dimmer is adjusted to the maximum 10V, the output current will also reach 100% of the power output, and the brightness will be 100%.

1-10V is no switch function, the lamp can not be adjusted to the lowest closing effect.

The advantage of 0/1-10V dimming power supply lies in its strong compatibility performance, which can be compatible with all kinds of 0-10V dimmers and control systems on the market.


DALI dimming:

Dali dimmer is a digital technology control, seamless compatible with domestic and foreign Dali dimmer and Dali control system.

The characteristic of Dali is that the system terminal control can accurately point to point control lighting, Dali dimming each LED lamp will have an independent IP, the system can identify the ID of each power supply;

Dali power supply can give feedback to the system of precise points of failure;

Port is easier to connect with the Internet, two-way communication, remote monitoring.

Dali dimming smooth, no node flicker, no stroboscopic, strong anti-interference.

The world DALI association was founded in 2001. The introduction and application of DALI technology has become the mainstream standard of digital dimming in Europe.


ZigBee dimming:

ZigBee dimming is wireless dimming, which needs to be connected with WiFi, and can achieve remote dimming control, plus applicable APP, remote single light switch, dimming, scene setting, timing and other control functions.


DMX512 dimming:

DMX512 is a digital dimming agreement, apply it to the stage, theater, studio etc dimmer and other control equipment of numerical control, is suitable for a multi-point master-slave control system, its interconnection form adopted more bus structure, there is no information channel blocking problem, the attachment is simple, high reliability, strong anti-jamming capability.


The above are the five most commonly used dimming methods of LED power supply in the market.

YSD LED dimming power supply supports TRIAC, 0-10V, 1-10V, 10V PWM, Resistors and other dimming, dimming smooth and no strobe, no jitter;

And widely matched with Philips, Qisheng, Luchuang, LiveTeng, ABB, Quasicong and other major brands of dimmers and lighting control system, super compatibility. 


Wired dimming or wireless dimming power supply?

Triac dimming, 0-1/10V, DALI, PWM, DMX512 are wired dimming;

ZigBee, Bluetooth, WiFi for wireless dimming.