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LED power terminologywhat is a led driver power supply

When choosing LED drive power, we often see that some LED drive power products have many profess...More

The difference between line regulation and load regulation and calculation formula

There are actually two types of regulation that need to be paid attention to when choosing a pow...More

Certification Marks for Lighting Products

Lighting product certification means that the product meets specific standards (such as safety, ...More

Linear technology led driver

LED lights have become part of our daily lives. Typical lighting applications for linear LED driv...More

How does the Triac dimmer work?

TRIAC circuits are widely used, and very common in AC power control applications. These circuits...More

How to select leading edge dimming or trailing edge dimming?

Leading Edge Dimming (TRIAC dimming) utilizes a current that is turned off as the AC waveform be...More

What is leading edge dimming?

Leading edge dimmers: also known as dimmers,incandescent dimmers.Usual used for incandescent lam...More

5 direct factors for choosing LED driver

YSD power supplies for the foremost efficient selection as they have efficiency ratings running ...More

How to choose LED switching power supply correctly

LED switching power supply is widely used in LED display, LED lighting (LED lamps, LED street la...More

how to choose a type of perfect LED dimming power supply:Comparisons between 0-10V and DALI

As for dimming system, there are different lighting control systems that work well with LED ligh...More