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How does a Dali dimming work?

Dali is an international open specification lighting control communication protocol.Mainly used ...More

What are the benefits of choosing a trailing edge dimmer?

Over the past few years, LED technology has developed by leaps and bounds. Today, LED dimming is...More

What is the difference between 1-10V dimming and 0-10V dimming?

At present, the commonly used dimming mode can be divided into 5 categories: SCR dimming, 0-10V ...More

what is a switching power supply

Switching power supply is a kind of high frequency switching type energy conversion electronic c...More

What is the meaning of the IP level of LED Driver Power?

How is the protection level of LED drive power divided?IP protection level system is issued by I...More

How to reduce the LED Driver Current to avoid burning out?

LED is a semi-conductor that emits visible light of a specific color when current flows through ...More

What is the impact of the global "chip shortage" on the LED driver power supply

Since the end of 2020, global chip prices have been soaring, and have continued to this day.Why ...More

How to install Under cabinet lighting? Four steps, easy and fast

Under-cabinet lighting can be used as both key lighting and task lighting, making your kitchen a...More

Teach you 10 simple steps to easily install low-voltage landscape lighting

Do you want to have this kind of garden landscape lighting, but feel it's too complicated to ins...More

What is the driver in the LED light?

It is to convert the power supply into a specific voltage and current to drive the LED light pow...More