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High-power LED lighting knowledge

LED is known as the fourth-generation lighting source or green light source. It has the characte...More

What is 0-10V dimming?

0-10v dimming is a kind of analog signal dimming. Through the 0-10V voltage change, the output c...More

Introduction of linear led driver IC

IC is a power supply cross-current chip, adding this IC can guarantee the life of the LED; the m...More

LED power supply VS LED driver

In the past, an AC-DC power supply that provided a stable "constant voltage" to the LED was call...More

led driver and led power supply different

LED driver and LED power supply are almost interchangeable terms in LED lighting. The LED power ...More

D series ultra-thin waterproof power supply

The LED ultra-thin waterproof power supply, as the name suggests, is ultra-thin and thinner, whi...More

AB series LED waterproof power supply

Yanshuoda AB series waterproof power supply adopts a sealed structure design. All parts are seal...More

YSD LED power supply

YSD power supply and dimming power supply are trusted by customers for their stable quality, saf...More

Isolated power supply (ISO) and non-isolated power supply

At present, in the general LED drive power supply market, there is a distinction between non-iso...More

LED power terminologywhat is a led driver power supply

When choosing LED drive power, we often see that some LED drive power products have many profess...More