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Shenzhen YSD launched F series-strip ultra-thin waterproof power supply

YSD F series-strip ultra-thin waterproof power supply is a new type of high-tech product, which ...More

LED will become the mainstream energy-saving light source

LED is called the new light source of the century. It is a safe, healthy, low-carbon artificial ...More

7 considerations for purchasing LED power supply

We need to consider many factors when purchasing LED power supplies. How can we buy high-quality...More

What is the difference between linear power supply and switching power supply?

Power supply are generally divided into three types: LPS linear power supply, UPS uninterruptibl...More

2021 YSD LED power supply price adjustment notice

2021 to present,Due to the continuous increase in the product purchase price of raw materials, i...More

Shenzhen YSD launched the NEW E series semi filled glue switch power supply

YSD High Reliability LED Power Supply | Yanshuoda Semi Filled Glue E series adopts a semi-glue p...More

How to ensure that the LED switching power supply is protected from lightning

How to ensure that the LED power supply is protected from lightning strikes? The lightning prote...More

What is PWM (pulse width modulation) dimming

There are currently two ways of LED dimming: one is to linearly adjust the LED current (ie, anal...More

How to quickly install LED flexible light strip and LED hard light strip guide

How to connect the LED light strip? How to install the LED light strip? What is the method to in...More

How to fix the LED light strip controller does not work normally

The LED light controller suddenly fails or the indicator flashes after using it for a long time,...More