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What is the driver in the LED light?

It is to convert the power supply into a specific voltage and current to drive the LED light pow...More

The characteristics of 0-10V dimming and how to troubleshooting

With the development of LED lamp technology, compared with the traditional analog dimming techno...More

What is the difference between lightning protection and surge protection for LED driver power supply

Surge protector, also called lightning protection device, is a kind of electronic equipment for ...More

60W ultra-thin dimming power supply was unveiled

Triac and 0-10V in the dimming have their own advantages, Triac dimming has the advantages of hi...More

Yanshuoda invite you to visit Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition in August 2021 (Light Asia Exhibition).

On June 9, 2021, the lighting industry will welcome the annual Light Asia Exhibition.More than 2...More

Do you have to use special dimmer switch for lights?

At the time of looking to buy a dimmer switch for lights, you will come across numerous options....More

What transformer you should use for LED lights?

LED acts like a semiconductor then and the byproduct of the current passing through it becomes t...More

How to find the best LED driver in China

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Overview of Switching Power Supply Topology

Topology mainly affects the conversion efficiency, dynamic capability and stability of power sup...More

How to choose the right LED power supply for the light strip

How to choose the right LED light strip power supply?How to calculate LED light strip power?How ...More